Hot off the press: Announcing pregnancy

First things first, waiting eight weeks to tell the world you are pregnant feels like an eternity – especially when you are naturally really bad at keeping secrets.

Second, deciding how and when you are going to tell everyone in your life is no easy task. My husband Jeremy and I dove head first into Pinterest looking for the perfect way to share the news with our families and then eventually the world via social media. Nothing I saw felt quite right so we decided to get a little creative, a little nostalgic, and a little sentimental to announce our big news.

Here’s how we did it:


Both of our families are unfortunately thousands of miles away, so telling them in person was not going to be an option. Next best thing: FaceTime. With such an emotional announcement, we knew we wanted to see their faces when they got the news. Jeremy and I found out we were pregnant at five weeks, which was early June. With Father’s Day (and my Mom’s birthday) mid-month, we decided to wait out the few weeks and to surprise them all then.  Longest two weeks ever, by the way.

Jeremy and I love to gift children’s books when our friends have babies because reading is such a fundamental part of growing up and the parents will always remember who gave them that book. Following that idea, we decided to ship our family members (both sets of parents and my husband’s sister, brother-in-law and nieces) books with titles that would give the news away.

For my brother, I wanted to do something a little more “him”, so I had this t-shirt made and shipped it to him:


The reactions when they all opened their gifts were priceless and everything we ever wanted. Smiles from ear-to-ear, tears, and just pure joy. The news was finally out. Now all they had to do was keep our secret for another six weeks!

The World

This announcement took a little more research and planning. Every photo announcement I really liked on Pinterest seemed to represent the couple perfectly – like you knew more about them just by seeing their announcement photo. I wanted that, but I wanted something that would really fit us. It took a while and lots of time on Etsy before we found the perfect prop: aprons.

Jeremy and I love to cook. Anyone who knows us knows we are the first to test out new recipes (often on friends at dinner parties) and we don’t shy away from attempting difficult dishes (hello French macarons). As soon as we realized this was our “thing”, the apron idea came to mind. Our little one will no doubt be a very welcome pair of hands in the kitchen – our little sous chef.

And voila: our photo idea was born. The first two photos below were the ones we used to announce our pregnancy on social media (just this past week at 13 weeks pregnant). I’ve also included some additional photos we didn’t end up using, but love nonetheless.

Photo and location credit as well as a link to the Etsy store I purchased the aprons are below.



Photos and kitchen courtesy of my very best friend, Lauren, from @an_organized_life.

Aprons were designed by the lovely LeAnn at doodlegirls on Etsy.

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