A pile of fresh peaches

Pregnancy & Produce: 14 weeks

So far, my absolute favorite thing about pregnancy on a week-by-week basis is learning what produce item the baby equates to in size. If you have no idea what I am talking about, see an example chart below.


Hence the name for my weekly update series: Pregnancy & Produce. How fun is that?

So, we have reached the 14 week mark, which is very exciting because it is the beginning of the second trimester. According to The Bump, the app I use to learn about baby’s growth and development, our little one is the size of a peach now, which is convenient because it’s also officially stone fruit season. Coincidence, I think not.

The Bump Week 14

Image courtesy of The Bump

I have no idea how we got here so quickly, this pregnancy feels like it is flying by. Seems crazy to think our little one will be here in 6 months!

For the inaugural Pregnancy & Produce update, I thought it might be fun to recap my experiences during the whole first trimester, since Baby Evans was not known to the world for that time period and, well, there is a lot to catch you up on.

First Trimester Truths

Boobs. Yep, breasts. Sorry to those who might find this to be TMI, but my boobs definitely knew I was pregnant before I did. For one, they hurt so bad. I mean, bad. Like, got run over by a car bad. Also, somewhere between conception and six or seven weeks, they grew an entire cup size. I barely recognized my own body – which can be a tad alarming, I won’t lie. The first time my husband saw them during this period of exponential growth and change, I think he was in shock. He later said that’s when the pregnancy started to really sink in for him – seeing the physical changes made it even more real. I can’t blame the guy, I mean, you think you know someone …

Morning sickness. When you tell people you’re expecting, every single conversation goes like this:

ME: “I’m pregnant!”

THEM: “Congratulations! How are you feeling?”

There seems to be quite a bit of fear around morning sickness during the first trimester. I’ve read and heard horror stories of women unable to get out of bed, feeling like they are permanently hungover, or even worse, can’t stop throwing up. While my hormones were certainly in overdrive during the first trimester, I consider myself very lucky to have experienced very little morning sickness. A few weeks of subtle nausea (maybe one really bad day), but nothing really beyond that early on. I have, however, experienced a few migraines that have lasted 48 hours, but I will take those over vomit any day. I guess everyone is different – though my experience has some using old wive’s tales to predict the gender.

Cravings, aversions, oh my. I was actually looking forward to this part of pregnancy. I was curious to see what would turn me off and what I would absolutely need to eat. Unfortunately, this has been a little anti-climatic as well, I mean, I was really hoping for some odd stuff. Anyway, here’s a quick rundown:


  • Any meat on a bone, especially chicken. This is an on-going thing.
  • The smell of slow roasting foods. Jeremy and I walked by a Mexican restaurant a few weeks in and I nearly died.


  • Salt and vinegar chips. This only lasted one bag, but it was a strong enough craving to get up off the couch and go buy a bag.
  • Citrus. I loved anything citrusy before I was pregnant, but anything tart like lemon or grapefruit is heaven, especially limonata San Pellegrino.
  • Babybel cheese on plain Triscuits. Not weird, but delicious nonetheless.
  • Any drink that you would consume when you’re 12-years-old. Think shirley temples and root beer. With alcohol out of the picture, you have to get creative and Jeremy makes one mean shirley temple (complete with the cherry).

That’s all I got. Even in writing this, I feel like I am letting you down. But I said I would share the truth, and well, the truth isn’t always very exciting.

Peeing. All. The. Time. “They” say this will wane in the second semester, but I cannot sit through a 30-minute TV show without peeing at least 30 times. It’s really frustrating, both for me and my husband who is likely starting to wear out the pause button on our remote.

Thirst. I guess this goes hand-in-hand with the one above, but I am constantly thirsty. If I leave the house and forget to bring water, it’s an SOS kind of situation. It’s like I go from fine to dehydrated in five minutes.

Uncomfortable, balloon-like bloat. Honestly, this has probably been my only major complaint about pregnancy, especially early on. I couldn’t eat a single thing without immediately feeling like I swallowed a pumpkin. When you’re pregnant, your uterus grows and pushes the digestive system out of the way. That, plus hormones slowing digestion down makes for a very uncomfortable time. For a while there, it was hard to tell if my belly was starting to show or I just ate a cracker.

First glimpse. Nothing can prepare you for the first time you see your baby and to be honest with you, the doctors definitely treat it like a routine thing, not really giving you the time or space to really savor the moment. But, after waiting until we reached 10 weeks (some OB’s see you earlier, but mine recommended this timeframe so we would actually be able to see something on the ultrasound) we were dying to catch a glimpse of our little one.

The thing about this first OB appointment too is that up until this point, the only things that tell you you’re pregnant are the aforementioned symptoms and a positive pregnancy test. And while I knew there weren’t any false positives on a pregnancy test (meaning we were for sure pregnant), I still had this sense of disbelief – like it wasn’t real. But, seeing Baby Evans on the screen was such a magical thing. There he/she was, beating heart and all.

Photo from our first ultrasound at 10 weeks pregnant

Baby Evans at 10 weeks

And that pretty much sums up my first trimester – an overall pretty great experience. If you have children, I would love to know more about your experiences. Also, if you have any questions, happy to answer them!


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