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Pregnancy & Produce: 15 Weeks

It has been a busy few days, but I am excited to share my latest update with you, which spans weeks 14 and 15 of my pregnancy. Here’s what’s been going on:

Easing into my second trimester 

Ushering in my second trimester has been lovely, however I definitely feel like the pregnancy is starting to go by slower now and that’s likely for a few reasons:

  • When I found out I was pregnant, I was already five weeks into the journey, so the weeks after that just seemed to go by in the blink of an eye.
  • There was a lot of anticipation and excitement during the first trimester, including telling our families, seeing our little one for the first time, and – of course – telling the world.
  • Everything was new. There was so much to read, so many doc appointments, so many apps to download, and so many plans to get underway.

Now, baby is baking and I’m kind of sitting here just writing blogs about it (haha).

Anyway, in fun news, Baby Evans is now the size of a navel orange, which is awfully specific if you ask me. Hooray! We’ve graduated from a peach to an orange, even though they don’t look all that different, depending on the size of your peach (or orange). I’ll stop now.


Image is courtesy of The Bump

In maybe more important news, we have checked the box on one critical thing: our First Trimester Screen. By way of blood tests and a detailed ultrasound, babes was checked for signs of specific chromosomal abnormalities, including Down Syndrome and Trisomy-18 and we’ve received positive news on that front, which is so great. I will gladly accept the accolades on those results.


A 3D ultrasound of Baby Evans at 14 weeks

Other than that, the last few weeks have been great. I’m still feeling pretty tired, despite rumors the fatigue would dissipate in the second trimester. I’m also so hungry, like starving, all the time, which I guess is a positive sign that babes is growing and needs lots of goodies in order to do so. We just won’t talk about the grape soda I had last week, or the spaghetti carbonara I had for lunch…


Making Friends

As I mentioned in my announcement post, my husband and I do not have any family here in California. We’re lucky enough to have a few good friends who do live in the Bay Area, but other than that, we don’t really have a large support system here. Given that and the fact that many of my closest friends from back home don’t have kids (yet), I was starting to feel a tad lonely on this journey to motherhood. I was eager to meet some other moms so my best friend told me about this app called Mush, which is apparently huge in the U.K. and just starting out over here in the U.S. Mush connects moms who live nearby who have similar interests, all things you detail on your profile. Think of it like Tinder, but for mom friends. Anyway, I signed up and to my surprise, there were a handful of moms living near me and while none of them were pregnant (like me), I was still excited to see many with really young children. Let the dating begin.

Meeting new friends as an adult is hard, let’s be real. And, it’s even harder when you’re not working at the moment, but I was hopeful that being a mom-to-be would open up a whole new group of people to meet and talk to. Pretty quickly I connected with a lovely woman who just had a little baby girl a few months ago, adding to her existing family of five (husband and three kids). We’ve been chatting lots and have hung out a few times and I am feeling truly grateful that Mush brought us together. We live within walking distance of one another and so far she has been a great source of information as well as a really sweet friend to talk to about so many things, including pregnancy and, of course, Game of Thrones. Her kids are adorable and I can’t help but look at her family and see my future (just maybe not with four kids).

So, I guess I can consider that a successful match courtesy of Mush. Didn’t people say dating was really hard? I look forward to many more hangouts with her and her family and we’re planning a BBQ to introduce our husbands in the coming weeks. Cross your fingers they get along as well as we do!

Celebrating Baby Evans

Plans are underway for several events to celebrate Baby Evans back home in Canada. Since we don’t make it home all that often, we’ve decided to tweak the traditional baby shower idea and instead have larger gatherings that bring together all of our close family and friends to catch up and celebrate together. These gatherings will be co-ed, so Jeremy and all of his close friends can join in as well. After all, it’s his baby just as much as it is mine. We’re really looking forward to planning these events with our gracious hosts (cough, #auntdar and Momzie) and having the chance to celebrate with everyone we care about. Baby Evans sure is spoiled already.

So, I think that brings you up to speed for now. Stay tuned for a post later this week where I give you the low-down on my work situation. Let’s just say the news about Baby Evans wasn’t the only piece of news I received on that particular day…

And, just a really quick shout out to everyone who has been following along here and on Instagram. I truly am only writing this blog as a way to process my feelings as I go through this life-changing experience and it means a lot to me to hear from friends, family members and other mamas out there. So, thank you.



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