Welcome to my crib: Our nursery

Yes, I am only four months pregnant and our nursery is done. For some reason, this seems to shock everyone, but we just couldn’t wait to design our baby’s special room. We started this project the same week we found out we were expecting and we are beyond thrilled with how it turned out.

So without further adieu, here it is! I’ve noted all the little details below, but if you have any questions about anything in the room, please reach out. Happy to share more information with you.

Note: I am sharing direct links when available, but I do not receive a commission or anything for any purchases made. I am just sharing in case you are interested.


Paint color: Clark & Kensington Pop Quiz

This was actually round two of paint color selection and I am so much happier with this one. Since we don’t know baby’s gender (and won’t until he/she makes their appearance), we were opting for a gender-neutral color. We first started with a very light green, but I felt the color was too stimulating and I wanted something calmer. This color was inspired oddly enough by the office walls in the early episodes of Suits. I know, weird, but that’s the truth.

4×6 Area Rug: Target

I was hesitant to put a rug on top of carpet, but am so happy I did. It focuses the room and adds a nice texture. I definitely recommend it, but suggest layering textures. Since our carpet is low pile, I picked this chevron shag rug to contrast and I think it works nicely. It will be a nice space for tummy time with babes in the months ahead.

Crib and Changing Table: Ikea

Can anyone go wrong with Ikea? This crib and changing table are the exact same ones my best friend has so I went and purchased them too. They are simple, clean, and very affordable. I took a brief look at other cribs and was just shocked by the price. This crib accommodates a growing child, converting into a toddler bed for when the time comes. We have a changing pad on our registry, so that will be a later addition.

Curtains: Target

Picking curtains was probably the most stressful part of this whole project. So. Many. Options. I ended up ordering two different sets, one more sheer than the other, and hung both to compare. The sheer felt too feminine, so I picked this set. The pattern kind of reminds me of tree branches, which I liked since we initially started with an woodland animal theme. We also have California shutters, so the room will be very dark without curtains, but I think they tie the room together nicely and add warmth.

Storage: Target, Amazon, and Ikea

The storage bins on the changing table shelves are from Target. I originally wanted to go with woven wooden bins, but to be honest, they were all just so expensive and I didn’t see the point. These were $5.00 each (on sale) and are plastic, which makes for really easy clean-up in case they ever are involved in a diaper-changing emergency. Right now, they are filled with diapers, wipes, and onesies. Yes, I already have all of those too.

The large white bins in the closet are likely very recognizable. They are the Drona Box from Ikea. The smaller chevron-patterned bins I found on Amazon. I like having the flexibility of different sizes in the closet. The larger bins will store clothes for when babes is older and the smaller bins work for easy-access items now.

Glider: Amazon (DaVinci)

After a lot of research, I finally pulled the trigger on this glider and surprisingly found it on Amazon (my Prime membership is my life). The glider has great mobility and came with a free ottoman. The tall back works really well for my husband, who is 6′, and the ottoman caters more to me. It’s a lot smaller overall than most other gliders I looked at. This room isn’t very big, so I wanted to make sure the chair looked proportionate in the space. It’s extremely comfortable and I eagerly await many long nights in this chair. For now, it serves as a lovely reading space.

Side Table: Overstock

This item took a while to pick out too. I knew I wanted a white side table for beside the glider, but for the life of me I couldn’t find one I liked. I then found this one on Overstock.com and really love it. The hexagon top is unique and the three legs are off-centered so its very interesting to look at. I also think the wooden legs add some much-needed earthy texture to the room, when every other finish is white.

Art: Etsy

The baby animal portraits were the first thing I purchased for the nursery. I saw them on Pinterest and fell in love with them. I found them from a seller on Etsy and selected six of my favorites. I had them printed at Walgreens and framed them in 8×10 matted white frames I purchased from Ikea. I think they are so adorable and can’t wait to teach babes about all the animals. I’ve also seen these popping up in nurseries all over Pinterest and Instagram, so they must be trendy.

The other piece of art in our nursery is really special to me. I wanted a sentimental piece, so I had this sign made by a woman on Etsy. It reads, “you are my sunshine” and I chose that phrase because my mom always calls me Sunshine. The piece is made completely out of wood and the text is handwritten. I think it’s really elegant, minimalist, and best of all, it means a lot to me. I can’t wait to pass along the nickname to babes.

Door Sign: Hobby Lobby

When I saw this “Welcome to my crib” sign, I knew I had to have it. How cute is it? It likely won’t stay on the door handle, as it makes a lot of noise when we close the door, but for now, it’s adorable and I love it.

Overall, we are really happy with the nursery. The room is right at the top of our stairs so every time I walk by, I smile. For now, it seems to be a favorite napping place for our cats. Truthfully, I think they think we made this room for them. Soft carpet, small bed … can you blame them?

Hopefully, they will be interested in sharing.


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